120L Accumulative Blow Molding Machine for Manufacturing Beach Umbrella Base High Quality Plastic Blow Molding Machine

Extrusion blow molding machine ABLD100 Extruder1Screw diameter100mm2L/D ratio24:13Screw speed15~50r.p.m.4Drive motor45Kw5Heating zone with cooling fan6 zone6Output/Capacity170 Kg/hr(HDPE  particle)8Heating capacity25.1 kw9Vertical adjustment of head500mm10Forward/Backward adjustment of  head500mm11Groove feed barr

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120L Accumulation Blow Moulding Equipment for Making Beach Umbrella Base High Quality Plastic Blow Molding Machine
120L Accumulation Blow Moulding Equipment for Making Beach Umbrella Base High Quality Plastic Blow Molding Machine

Extrusion blow molding machine ABLD100 
1Screw diameter100mm
2L/D ratio24:1
3Screw speed15~50r.p.m.
4Drive motor45Kw
5Heating zone with cooling fan6 zone
6Output/Capacity170 Kg/hr(HDPE  particle)
8Heating capacity25.1 kw
9Vertical adjustment of head500mm
10Forward/Backward adjustment of  head500mm
11Groove feed barrel cylinderHave IKV
12Gear boxHard gear decelerator
13Ladder and safety railsHave
Accumulator  Head
1Accumulator capacity20L(15kgHDPE)
2DesignFirst in and first out
3Heating zone6 zone
4Heating capacity25.1kw
5Max die&pin diameter450mm
6Die head axis with pre-blowØ120mm
7Accumulator push-out stroke measurementTransducer  Italy Gefran
8Injection pressure12 Mpa
9Extruder stopHave
1Tie barTwo tie bar
2Platen size900(W)X1400(H)
3Length of mold900-960mm
4Clamping force780KN
5Close/Open stroke880-1700mm
6Mold weightMax.  5000 kg
7Clamping stroke measurementTransducer  Italy Gefran
8Hydraulic valveTaiwan Hitech
9Number of hydraulic cylinder1
10High pressure14 Mpa
11Support parts for platen movementLiner Guide
1Main motor/vice motorAC15Kw/15Kw
2Hydraulic  valveTaiwan Hitech
3Hydraulic pumpTaiwan Hitech
4Oil tank capacity850L
5Operating pressure12 Mpa
6Cooling water for oilfixed
7Control of oil levelbe observed dipstick
1Operating pressure0.8 Mpa
2Blow pressure0.8 Mpa
3Needle blow circuitHigh & low pressure
4Intermittent blowHave
5Controlled support air for parisonHave
6Air ValvesAIRTAC
7Quick exhaust for support airHave
1ProgrammerJAPAN MOOG
2Servo valve 

3Servo cylinderIntergret of die head
4Hydraulic pack
TAIWAN YOSHE Variable Displacement Piston Pumps
2Total connected load (approx.)
3Average energy consumption (approx.)
42 kw/h
Machine water consumption

Mold water consumption

1Compressed air consumption1.2 kgf/cm2, 3000 L/min
2Human machine interfaceHitech
3Recipe storage in hard diskAvailable
1Power supply to heating elementRelay + ContactorJapan Omron+Korea LG
2ControlPLC controle
3Type of thermocoupleK Type
4Adjustable lower and upper limit alarmHave
5Cold start prevention for screwHave
6Alarm for thermocouple and heating element breakageHave, heating element breakage by anperemeter
7Pre-heating functionHave
Die-ring AND Die-pin
1one sets of die & pinOne set according to customer
2Test materialBuyer supply 300kg material to seller for machine testing
1Bottom blow (hydraulic) and sealing unit (pneumatic)Double blow pin (including expand & up-down & parison seal)
3Machine Dimension6.8×3.3×5
4Total weight20
Type of Blow Molding Machine

Extrusion blow molding
In Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM), plastic is melted and extruded into a hollow tube (a parison). This parison is then captured by closing it into a cooled metal mold. Air is then blown into the parison, inflating it into the shape of the hollow bottle, container or part. After the plastic has cooled sufficiently, the mold is opened and the part is ejected.

EBM processes may be either continuous (constant extrusion of the parison) or intermittent. Types of EBM equipment may be categorized as follows:
1. Continuous Extrusion Equipment
  • Rotary wheel blow molding systems
  • Shuttle machinery
2. Intermittent Extrusion Machinery
  • Reciprocating screw machinery
  • Accumulator head machinery
Examples of parts made by the EBM process include dairy containers, shampoo bottles, and hollow industrial parts such as drums.
Basic polymers, such as PP, HDPE, PVC and PET are increasingly being co-extruded with high barrier resins, such as EVOH or Nylon, to provide permeation resistance to water, oxygen, CO2 or other substances. In dairy applications, it is possible to extrude a black light-blocking layer in the center layer of containers, with opaque white resin used in the inner and outer layers.
Compared to injection molding, blow molding is a low pressure process, with typical blow air pressures of 25 to 150 psi. This low pressure process allows the production of economical low-force clamping stations, while parts can still be produced with surface finishes ranging from high gloss to textured. The resulting low stresses in the molded parts also help make the containers resistant to strain and environmental stress cracking.

Accumulator Head Machinery is used for the extrusion blow molding of large industrial hollow parts. Examples of parts produced on this machinery include drums, trash cans, automotive panels, playground equipment, and large containers, such as Jerry Cans, for liquid storage. Most parts produced on accumulator head machinery are single layer; however, specialized machinery is capable of producing parts with up to seven unique layers of plastic - these machines are used primarily to manufacture automotive gasoline tanks with barrier layers.
Plastic machines we provide ....

Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Injection Blow Molding Machine

PET Blow Molding Machine

Injeciton Molding Machine

Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine
Applictions ....

Chemicals : Pesticide bottles and industrial buckets, chemical buckets and other hollow blow-molded buckets.

Cosmetics&Pharmaceuticals : Vaccine bottles, medicine bottles, medical bed boards, cosmetic boxes, jars and vaseline bottles and other plastic machinery products used in cosmetic and medical fields.

House hold : Plastic empty blow-molded bottles, plastic containers, such as shower gel bottles, shampoo bottles, body lotion bottles, laundry detergent bottles, cleaning supplies bottles, hand sanitizer bottle, disinfectant bottle, alcohol disinfectant bottle etc. that are often used in daily life.

Indoor & outdoor :  Plastic products are widely used, such as plastic hollow flower pots, plastic watering cans, plastic pet houses, plastic cold storage boxes, plastic children's toys, plastic-bus chairs, plastic tables and chairs, plastic trash cans, plastic traffic cones, plastic life buoys, plastic floats , Plastic buoys, plastic mannequins, etc., plastic machinery products can be seen everywhere.

Food & Beverage :  The common applications of plastic products in the food and beverage industry are ketchup bottles, soy sauce bottles, honey bottles, mustard sauce bottles, milk bottles, yogurt bottles, juice bottles, alcohol bottle etc. Baby bottles are also common in plastic machinery in the beverage and food industry Applications.

Lubrication : The most common applications for hollow extrusion blow molding machines are lubricating oil barrels, 1L 2L lubricating oil bottles, 5L 10L cans, 10L 20L 25L to 30L lubricating oil Jerry can, and even 60L ~ 250L large barrels.

 Automotive : The application of plastic products also accounts for a large part of automobile parts, such as plastic parts in automobile engines, plastic automobile safety stalks, plastic door handles, plastic car lamp housings, etc.

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